Leadership Team
Joan Shen, MD, PhD Founder, CEO
Mike Poole, MD Co-Founder
Chao Zhang, PhD Co-Founder, COO
Lingyun Wu, PhD Co-Founder, SVP Discovery Chemistry
Scientific Advisors
Guangping Gao, PhD

Dr. Guangping Gao is the co-director at Li Weibo Institute for Rare Diseases Research, as well as the director at Horae Gene Therapy Center and Viral Vector Core. He is also the professor of Microbiology and Physiological Systems, Penelope Booth Rockwell Professor in Biomedical Research, University of Massachusetts Medical School;

He is an internationally well recognized gene therapy researcher who has played a key role in the discovery and characterization of new family of AAV serotypes, which was instrumental in reviving the gene therapy field, hugely impacting many currently untreatable human diseases. For 30+ years of his scientific research career, Dr. Gao has primarily focused on molecular genetics and viral vector gene therapy of rare genetic diseases.

Lan Qin, MD, PhD

Dr. Lan Qin is the professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is a clinical neurologist in Worcester, Massachusetts specializing in areas such as neurophysiology, electrodiagnosis, neuromuscular disorders, and epilepsy. Dr. Qin is affiliated with multiple hospitals including Health Alliance Hospital Leominster, HealthAlliance Hospital Burbank, and UMass Memorial Medical Center - Memorial Campus, UMass Memorial Medical Center - University Campus for more than 27 years. She received her medical degree from Capital University of Medical Sciences and received her Ph.D. from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1995.

Mark Opler, PhD

Mark Opler, founder of ProPhase, is currently Chief Scientific Officer of MedAvanta-ProPhase and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine. He focuses on the research of the etiology, phenomenology, and related treatment for severe and persistent mental disorders. He is also a co-author and developer of several clinical assessment tools, including SNAPSI, CGI-DS, and NY-AACENT, as well as a contributor to the latest version of the PANSS manual.

His research has been supported by the NIMH, the Brain and Behavior Foundation (formerly NARSAD), the Stanley Medical Research Institute, and the Qatar National Research Fund. In the meantime, he also has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications and contributed significantly to numerous books on clinical assessment, research methods on mental health.

AAV Gene Therapy Platform

We design novel CNS-tropic AAV capsids and innovative gene expression cassettes to achieve efficient, effective, and safe gene therapies for severe CNS disorders.

  • World-class capsid engineering technologies to identify next generation AAV capsid for efficient and specific CNS delivery.
  • Advanced expression cassette construction to address complex pathologies observed in CNS diseases.
Small Molecule Discovery Platform

We are developing a creative and broad small molecular pipeline dedicated to benefit patients with novel treatment options that no existing therapy or only limited therapy is available. Our R&D strategy combine traditional small molecule drug discovery and optimization processes with the cutting-edgy AI-assisted drug discovery technologies to improve efficiency and creativity.

Despite many treatment options available for psychiatric disorders, the current disease treatment and management are far from satisfactory. New therapies for psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and depression, are still desperately desired.

In recent years, with in-depth understanding of the pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders, new mechanism treatments are promising to bring revolutionary improvements with faster onset and better long term diseases control, while side effects are more favorable. Our most advanced programs focus on psychiatric disorders, and they are built on our expertise at drug discovery, biology and clinical innovations. These programs are estimated to enter IND enabling development early next year.

Current Pipeline

Our culture is defined by our passion to serve those affected by mental illness.

We are purpose-driven and intentional.

We know impactful innovations don’t come easy, but are born from passion and hard work.

Together, we are working toward a goal bigger than ourselves.